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Urbit as a personal servers network or a digital city-state. Tokens, property rights and virtual real estate
Digital state. Topic is to be confirmed
Ties.Network, our experience of ICO
ICO. Topic is to be confirmed
Ethereum Workshop
CryptoNote protocol – algorithm analysis, advantages and limitations
Anryze Blockchain solution

Coffee break

Marketing for ICO: strategies, best practices
Reputation management for search engines concern to ICO
Topic is to be confirmed
Тopic is to be confirmed
Blockchainization of business-processes and Industry 4.0
Decentralized trading platforms or the future of online trading. About changing the paradigm of consumption of goods online. Transition from eBay – PayPal to OpenBazzar – Crypto Bank

TiesDB workshop
Exonum Workshop: Create Front-End Application For Cryprocurrency