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Urbit as a personal servers network or decentralized policy of the third millennium
Blockchain-solution for government relations marketplace
CoinJapan project. Investment and cooperation abilities with japanese blockchain economics
Ties.Network, our experience of ICO
Project risks and investors in the ICO
Analysis of investment offers of funds: risk assessment
CryptoNote protocol – algorithm analysis, advantages and limitations
Ethereum Workshop
Features of the technology MiraBox from MiraLab
Accepting Cryptocurrency at the Point-of-Sale

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Marketing ICO
Reputation management for search engines concern to ICO
Blockchain technology and neural networks in modern media
Banking the Unbanked on Blockchain, LALA World Project
ICO. Topic is to be confirmed

TiesDB workshop: data storage in decentralized projects. Principles for creating a decentralized database.
Exonum Workshop: Create Front-End Application For Cryprocurrency

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Blockchainization of business-processes and Industry 4.0
Main changes in ICOs and what to expect in 2018
ICO through the eyes of the investor. How not to be mistaken
Cryptocurrency trading
CREDITS promotes the expansion of blockchain in the financial sector
Decentralized trading platforms or the future of online trading. About changing the paradigm of consumption of goods online. Transition from eBay – PayPal to OpenBazzar – Crypto Bank
Scorex framework workshop
Decentralized calculations, their features, technical and economic feasibility

Scaling Blockchain